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High pressure mud line & well test line

Joulon is one of the pioneer organisation for design, engineer, supply, installation and commissioning of high pressure well control pipe network from mud pump room to gooseneck. Joulon has trained manpower, service engineer, welder, fitters and NDT technician to carry out work at offshore / on shore rigs.

Joulon approach for standpipe mud line system

  • Understand and review of customer requirements
  • Seek clarification as necessary
  • Develop scope and initial design concept
  • Submission of initial design and scope to customer
  • Depute piping engineer at rig as necessary
  • Preparation of final drawing and bill of material in line with customer comment on initial design
  • Final design, scope and bill of material submission to customer for approval
  • Pre-fabrication after design approval from customer
  • Testing, inspection and TPI witness at Joulon
  • Depute team of engineers, welders, fitters with various equipment like NDT, X-ray, and PWHT
  • Installation and pressure testing at rig
  • Submission of certificate package and warranty / guarantee certificate to customer

An enlarged pipe at the top of a casing string that serves as a funnel to guide drilling tools into the top of a well. The bell nipple is usually fitted with a side outlet to permit drilling fluids to flow back to the surface mud treating equipment through another inclined pipe called a flow line.