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Jacking gear system

Design, Manufacture and supply of LTI jacking, crane and skidding gear replacement parts ( improved design for lubication, bearing, material, coating process with the help of failure analisys)

Manufacturing of jacking gear, crane gear and skidding gear parts since 2010. Supplying parts across the globe for off shore jack up rigs.

Jacking Gear System Parts

  • (1) 7T ¼?P pinion (final)
  • (2) Inboard hub structure (final)
  • (3) Outboard hub insert structure (final)
  • (4) 32T ½?P gear structure (final)
  • (5) 7T ½?P pinion (secondary)
  • (6) 46T 1?P gear structure (secondary)
  • (7) Inboard hub insert (secondary)
  • (8) Outboard flange hub structure (secondary)
  • (9) 7T 1?P gearbox output pinion (primary)
  • A Jackup rig is an offshore structure comprising of a hull, legs and a jacking system.
  • The Jacking system allows the rig's legs to be lowered onto the seabed and elevate its hull to provide a stable working environment.
  • Jackup rigs operate in three main modes:
    • Transit from one location to another.
    • Elevated on its legs.
    • Jacking up or down between afloat and elevated mode.
  • Each of these modes has specific precautions and requirements to be followed to ensure a smooth operation. It is necessary that the gear train parts and gear boxes are regularly serviced and maintained for trouble free operation.
  • Joulon Engineers have designed and developed Joulon- 380 Kips gear train using globally accepted software.
  • Joulon-380 kips jacking gear train design is ABS certified and is completely swappable with existing gear train parts of "Marathon LeTourneau" type Jack up rigs.

Primary gear box

Manufacturing of parts

Manufacturing of
7T 1’’P pinion
Manufacturing of
7T ½’’P pinion
Manufacturing of
Half Pitch Hubs